Hebrew Verb Tables an easy method of studying Hebrew verbs/Binyanim  
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Verbs are the protein of a language diet..., February 28, 2000

As a home studied student of modern Hebrew I have found this book to be an invaluable source to my learning. In fact, as I have covered most of basic grammar, it is now the core of my Hebrew study, aside from conversation. I use it's neatly organized verb index to strengthen my vocabulary. It is slim, not a bulky book, but eminently thorough and probably contains every verb you will ever need to know. In the front and back are the verb indexes in Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew. When you look up a verb the book gives you the root ("shoresh") of it and directs you to one of 235 numbered example conjugations after which your verb follows. A must have for the serious Hebrew student!

Essential, March 20, 2007

Brian Beckman (Renton, WA USA)

This has quickly risen to the top of my stack of grammatical references. It's a little more useful for my work than "501 Hebrew verbs," though it doesn't replace that book, which is full of examples and particulars. This one is essentially a different "sorting" on the verbs, grouping them by their common attributes, binyan (semantic class) and gizrah (syntactic class), narrowing the number of distinct cases to 235. For readers who seek learning through patterns, this is a big help.

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