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Principle Goals of the Book

1). To provide a simple method of studying Hebrew verbs for English and foreign language speakers.

2). To demonstrate an easy and convenient way of quickly finding useful verbs.

The Teaching System

The book includes 3,600 verbs and 235 verb tables arranged according to Binyanim. It includes a Hebrew and foreign language key (according to the language of the book).

This key appears in alphabetical order for easy reference with prepositions for those verbs that require them. Next to each verb is written the number of the conjugation table that is suitable for it.

The book has been translated from English into Spanish, German and Russian. It has become a vital aid in the study of Hebrew verb conjugations in universities and ulpan classes both in Israel and abroad.

Target Market

This book is for pupils and students of all ages, both in the classroom environment and for those studying by themselves. It is meant for both beginner and advanced students.

Description of the Book

Publisher:Tamir Publishers

Authors:Asher Tarmon and Ezri Uval

Date of Publication: English Version 1998, German 1998, Spanish 1999, Russian 1991

Number of pages: About 250 (according to language)


The book "ModernHebrew - A Step by Step Guide " by Michael Rose and Ezri Uval is the introduction to

"Hebrew Verb Tables".




Tamir Books (in Israel)

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